Finding the Right Energy Supplement

Unfortunately not all energy boosters were created equal. Although this may seem disheartening for potential shoppers who now have a more difficult task, it’s better for your body to take the right energy supplement depending on its intended use. In this fast paced universe, every can use a little boost of energy. Your challenge is to find the one that will work best for you.

One way to find out which energy supplement is right for you is to look at the ingredients. There are dozens of ingredients, some familiar and others not so much. However, they can be categorized into three categories: stimulants that increase your metabolism, substances that affect your metabolism, and calories which are the fuel for our bodies. Stimulants are made up of the familiar caffeine, green tea, and ginseng. Stimulants are the best energy boosters for those who tend to get sleepy around the 3pm lull. Not only do you have the option of products that use caffeine, there are also natural ingredients that produce the same effects.

The next category is made up of substances that are derived from proteins, fats, and amino acids that we have in our bodies. These energy supplements usually contain CoQ10, B vitamins, and creatine. How do they work? Essentially they affect the nutrients you get from food and turn them into energy. If you normally eat a very well balanced diet, you’re probably getting all the proper nutrients to supply you naturally with energy. However, if you’re an Red boost athlete or do not eat a proper diet, it’s easy to be depleted of these nutrients. These supplements will be the right ones for you.

Although we usually equate calories with gaining weight, we need them. Calories are the measurement of energy in a food. Carbohydrates usually make up the calories in our third category. What types of supplements are these? Energy drinks, energy bars, and enhanced water. Because most of these are made up of sugar, they will spike blood glucose and create a surge of insulin. They are the best choice for athletes and those working out. They can easily give you the fuel you need before a workout or can help you recover after an intense one. Although they can give you a bit of energy while you’re at work, if you’re not exercising, they can result in weight gain over the long term.

The third category is the one most often advertised, especially recently with energy drinks, but many do not realize that these are not recommended every day for long term use by people who don’t exercise. Despite giving you some energy, those carbs will quickly turn into fat. Taking an energy supplement is perfectly safe, but always be aware of what you put in your body and choose the one to match your needs.

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