The Beauty of Building Muscle and Weight Loss for the Over 50 Crowd

If you are over 50, you have already discovered the problem of losing weight and build muscle when compared to when you were younger. As people age, muscle mass decreases, and when this occurs, the mass is replaced by body fat. Building muscle and losing weight when you are over 50 years of age is not that different than when you were younger. No matter the age, you should burn more calories, than you drink or eat and you have to gain muscle mass to replace the fat. One obstacle that the over 50 crowd has is that they have slower metabolisms.

The following are ways to build muscle and lose weight

Explaining BMR

One thing you need to know about the over 50 crowd is the fact that your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) decreases with age. BMR is a reference to the energy released by your body while resting. The released energy is used for life-sustaining organs to maintain function. People who have a high BMR tend to burn more calories. You can counteract the reduction in your BMR is to build muscle mass, and this is accomplished through resistance exercises in conjunction with weight training.


You must eat healthy and nutritious meals to keep your body from experiencing shock mode. Do not ever miss a meal if at all possible. When you skip meals, your metabolism decreases. Why does it decrease? It decreases because your body is trying to restore body fat. Ensure that you eat breakfast every morning, no matter how small. Breakfast is THE most significant feast of the day. It is highly recommended that you eat up to six small meals daily. If you do weight training, you should increase the quantities of your meals. This is because your body needs the extra calories Crazy Bulk SARMs during your weight training. If you do not eat enough, you will find a reduction in muscle mass, and this makes your hard work a waste of time.

Focus on Overall Body Workouts

When many over 50 people start exercising, they immediately view their stomachs or hips hoping for a change. There is no magic formula for reducing any part of the body. Exercise affects your entire body, and you should never focus only on doing one specific exercise for one specific body part. You should perform cardio exercises that help in burning fat throughout the body. If you stay focused, you will gradually see your hips and stomach decreasing.

Exercise patience

You should keep in mind that a perfect body or a healthy body is not achieved overnight, especially when you are over 50. Many people complain at this age that no matter how well they eat or how many exercises they accomplish that they cannot lose weight. Most people report feeling better, but they are not pleased with what they see on weight scales. Most people who work out regularly and faithfully do not experience weight loss because they have increased their muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat. Please remain patient while striving to live a healthier life. Your weight problem will go away gradually with hard work and dedication.


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