Karaoke Duets – How To Avoid A Disaster

As with most things in life preparation is the key to getting it right on the night,Karaoke Duets – How To Avoid A Disaster. Articles unfortunately most people who actually go to karaoke nights are not prepared and some make the massive mistake of not being brave enough to sing on their own and not knowing what song to sing that flatters their vocal skills. Well fair enough not everyone has the confidence in their own abilities, so then you have a drink for confidence and what you have there is a disaster waiting to happen!

If you know you’re going to a 룸알바 karaoke night then have a practice and avoid alcohol before you perform and impress your friends and family but please dont go and decide on the night that you would just love to sing but missed your true calling in life but have not got the confidence because then you will end up saying it to the wrong person who will call your bluff and say ‘ill do it with you’. What you arent aware of is they are completely tone deaf and are so drunk theyll probably vomit on you on stage so if you know youre going to a karaoke night with a friend then suggest a partnership with someone you know can hold a tune. Even practicing before, yes youre probably taking it a bit too seriously but then you dont want to be known as the one that Dave got sick on during dont go breaking my heart!

So I have compile some of the most popular classic duets including romantic, ones for the boys and girls and theres always Summer Nights which everyone joins in with regardless and as for the infamous note at the end dont worry if you’re rusty the audience usually drowns you out and just theatrically lower the microphone and no one will know if youre slightly flat.

1.Islands in the Stream – Kenny Rogers/ Dolly Parton

2. I’ve Had the Time of My Life – Bill Medley/ Jennifer Warner

3. Summer Nights (Grease) – John Travolta / Olivia Newton John

4. Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves – Aretha Franklin and Eurythmics

5. Proud Mary – Ike and Tina Turner